Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals

San Francisco Outreach

The Brotherhood Breakfast

"Jesus said to them, 'Come, have breakfast.'" -- Jn. 21:12 (New American Bible)

The Breakfast is unique to the BCBP.

There is no other organization that is known to have instituted a breakfast that has changed the lives of so many businessmen and professionals.

The BCBP has the singular distinction of having introduced and sustained the breakfast system to bring the Gospel of Christ so effectively to the marketplace.

From this concept of a "Christian men's breakfast" evolved a potent renewal organization, the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen & Professionals.

The Breakfast is a basic entry point for personal renewal.

This is an important objective of the breakfast. It must continue to be the easiest way to a person's search for spiritual renewal. The simplicity of form and the effective delivery of Gospel message through the "sharing", are key to the painless introduction of a businessman or professional to the door of Christian renewal.

The Breakfast is a means to continue upbuilding the members of the BCBP.

The breakfast attendance is not an "option" for BCBP members but rather a commitment to the evangelistic culture of the BCBP. As members, all are bound to not only evangelize in the breakfast but equally important is, to "fellowship, share and upbuild" brothers and sisters through faithful attendance and participation in the breakfasts. This is an inherent part of the BCBP culture which members have sworn to propagate in the marketplace. Every breakfast where the guest sharer shares his work experiences strengthens and upbuilds the membership. This confirms the support that Christian businessmen and professionals are not alone in the resolve to actively bring Christ to marketplace and winning the marketplace for Christ.